May 10, 2019

How to track outbound clicks from your site using Google Analytics and Tag Manager

Do you ever wonder how many visitors youโ€™re sending to other websites everyday?
Let's review how to set up a simple way to track outbound clicks with Google Analytics and Tag Manager.

Ready? It should take you about 5 min :)

Log in to your Google Tag Manager account.

Create the trigger

We'll start by creating the trigger. Go to Triggers and add a new one.

New trigger

Trigger Type: Click - Just Links
This trigger fires on: Some Link Clicks
Click URL - does not contain - your website url (we do this to not track your internal links)

Trigger configuration

Create the tag

Same story, go to Tags and click on New.

New tag

Tag Configuration

Tag Type: Google Analytics - Universal Analytics
Track type: Event
Category: Navigation (feel free to choose your own)
Action: Click (feel free to choose your own)
Label: {{Click URL}}
Value: Leave empty
Google Analytics Settings: Your Google Analytics Tag variable

Tag configuration


Choose the trigger that you've just created.

Tag triggering

That's it!

Now publish your new version and wait for visitors to click on your links.

To see which links have been clicked, you can access the data on your Google Analytics account.
Behavior > Event > Pages Then for the Secondary Dimension: Event Label

Google Analytics rreport

From this screenshot, we can see that I clicked on a link to from my page /best-article-ever.html.

I suggest saving this report to access it faster in the future.