January 14, 2018

How I got 1 free ticket from Cape Town to Paris with Qatar Airways


When looking for a flight ticket, if you know that you will need another ticket in the next few months, buy a multi trip ticket.

I’m currently in Bali and I’m going to Cape Town mid February: I needed a flight ticket.

I usually start with to see what routes are available and what could be the alternatives for cheaper flights.

The cheapest flight is at $574.75 and seems quite exhausting: 2 layovers, including one of 6 hours long with a rechecking for the bags.

I was looking for a better option and found this 1 stop flight with Qatar Airways.

Much better, just 1 quick layover, and a better airline.

The problem was the price of course: $867.72.
Was that convenience really worth $300?

I went to the Qatar Airways website to check if the price was the same.
Luckily, it was $90 cheaper (10 402 700 Indonesian Rupiah or $778.76).

Denpasar -> Cape Town

It was better but not good enough.

Then I thought of something. I need to go to Paris in April from Cape Town. Maybe I could try to buy both tickets now to see if they gave me a discount for 2 tickets.

And surprise.

The 2 tickets were actually cheaper than 1 single ticket!

9 215 300 Indonesian Rupiah, or $689.88!

And it meant that I already had my exit ticket!

So make sure to try this out next time you book your flights!